To Order NEW Software you must have HotDocs11 User version installed
on your computer(s).
PROBATE ASSISTANT:  $450.00 Single User, $650.00 3-4 users, $725.00  4+ end users.
Word or Word Perfect

General Description:  Enter the client data once in HotDocs11 and save the answers.
Select the form(s) you want from the forms library and choose the client. Click
finish. Your completed form appears in your word processor.  Quickly. Easily.

•  The program requires HotDocs User or Developer version 11 to be currently
installed on your computer. If you do not have HotDocs, please contact David
Collyer at or call 954 612-0983 for more information.

•  One time Client data entry typed in simple fill in the blank screens in HotDocs.

•  Latest
FLSSI  forms.  Lightning  fast forms generation.  Forms packages by
estate type generate all of the opening forms at once. Generate individual forms or
blank forms quickly and easily.

•  Unlimited Creditors and Beneficiaries.
•  Extra state and federal forms.  - DR312 ,  SS4,  Form 56, 2848, FL  706.

•  Calculates Inventory and accounting.

•   Forms are listed by name and form number.  The forms change every January.
We will email you with the nature of the changes in late December or early January.
Thank your for your interest in Collyer's Legal Software. Look for an exciting new
version coming neat the end of 2018.